Bobby Christopher

Email: rec3college@gmail.com

Welcome to my programming portfolio. This is a central hub for all my projects. Most, if not all, of my projects are available to download. If you have any questions feel free to email me or message me on the platform shared on this site.

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Home Automation

A box of wall outlets controlled by a Raspberry Pi which takes voice commands.

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Poject HydroGrow

A automated hydroponic station with a companion web app, built as a senior project.

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A fitness app connected to IoT devices seeking to combat obsesity. Funded by LEAP.

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Project L.L.A.M.A

A web scraper that exposed a security vulnerability in the Landmark College email system.

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An organization app for Android made for my Mobile App Devevlopment course.

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Animation Language

A program that reads from an instructions file and transforms a triangle accordingly.

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Bobby's Calculator

Small project to refresh my knowledge of Android Studio for my summer internship.

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Mass Texting System

A mass texting system made with the Twillio API as a proof of concept for a potential client.

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Encrypted Voice Chat

A peer to peer messaging software that encrypts every message you send.

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Funny Nonwords

A behavior experiment that uses an EEG machine to determine if words are objectively funny.

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Ply Reader

A program that reads in .ply objects, displays them, and allows for transformations.